Master Energy
Colour Healing


Jayn Lee Miller

Harrow, London, UK
I am delighted and honoured to be the Custodian of Master Energy Colour Healing. I have over 50 years’ experience as a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher and was one of the first to work with Angels professionally. I run the Academy of Angelic Healing in London which has recently won The 2022 Kindred Spirit Awards and I was awarded Angelic Consultant of the Year 2020. I teach Angelic Reiki and Angel Healing and offer spiritual workshops, courses and Private Consultations in person and via Zoom. I facilitate Retreats, Wedding Ceremonies, Blessings and Baby Namings. I am also a Singer/Songwriter.

Sophia Henry

Victoria, London, UK
Languages spoken: English, Creole French
As a natural psychic from a very young age, with my mother’s encouragement, I attended psychic development classes and have now been reading for over 25 years as a natural Medium and Oracle Card Reader. My empathic abilities help me to understand others on a deep level and I have been told l have a comforting, soothing approach. l am also a certified Soul Plan Reader, Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach and Psychometry Reader. My aim is to assist people to become their true authentic self. l offer MECH by phone, zoom, and in person. Always here to help. Namaste

Gemma Sizer

Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
As a natural earth mother, I have always connected to people on a deep level. I run my own Holistic Therapy Business, specialising in Clinical Aromatherapy and Oncology Massage Treatments. Working with Cancer patients on their healing journey is a truly rewarding gift. I help people connect body, mind and soul, using breathwork and meditation in all my treatments. I'm a Meditation Instructor and trainee Yoga Teacher. I am extremely intuitive and love healing with Crystals and reading Angel Tarot cards. I am now a Master Energy Colour Healing Practitioner and Teacher offering healing in person, by phone and Zoom.

Katarina Stojkovic

Acton, London, UK and Slovakia
English, Slovak
I’m a holistic body, mind & soul coach. Being over 35 years in the wellness industry taught me that we can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body, & healthy body without a healthy mind. Hence, I’m passionate about working with my clients on all of these aspects. I’m a personal trainer, nutritional advisor, Pilates/Yoga/Barre/Conditioning teacher, Meditation teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher & healer, Crystal healer, Multidimensional Transformation healer, Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, Spiritual & Life Coach, & Master Energy Colour Healing teacher & practitioner. I absolutely love helping people.

Anita Das

Surrey, Greater London, UK
das.anita75@gmail.com English
I love being a channel, healer, medium, therapist and teacher to provide soul healing. Following a near-death experience and spiritual awakening, I discovered I was a natural trance medium, voice channel with past life healing and energy healing abilities. I am qualified in sound healing, Angelic Reiki, regression therapy, hypnotherapy, spiritual counselling, spiritual life coaching, spirit release, space clearing, holistic healing, soul transformation therapy and Akashic Records readings. I teach Angelic Reiki, Soul Plan Reader Practitioner course and other spiritual development workshops. I offer MECH in person or via Zoom or telephone.

Lynn Harden

Ely, Cambridgeshire
I have consciously been on my soul journey since I was a child, knowing that I would become a nurse and be helping people. I am now working as a registered nurse in a care home and am a dedicated light worker. I consider myself privileged enough to know that life is a wonderful gift and I love to help as many as I can who are in need at this crucial time. I have been fortunate enough to have studied with great teachers and people whom I admire. I have been attuned to Angelic Reiki and am able to offer Angelic Reiki healing sessions. I am now a Master Energy Colour Healing Practitioner and Teacher offering healing in person, by phone and Zoom.


Academy of Angelic Healing
17 Wellington Terrace, 
Harrow on the Hill, 
HA1 3EP.


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